Urania Center of Research

URANIA CENTER OF RESEARCH is a private scientific laboratory founded by Prof. Mario Principato, an entomologist and acarologist of the University of Perugia.
The main activity of the Center is the Diagnostic Service E.D.P.A.®, an analysis that allows to detect the presence of pathogenic arthropods causing dermatitis indoor.
Here in our laboratory it was realized an innovative method called “Scabies test” that allows to diagnose scabies at distance, avoiding the potential contamination between the patient and the doctor.
In the Urania Center of Research new biological insecticidal and acaricidal formulations are studied and patented, along with new methods to treat the infested environment to solve entomo-dermatites indoor.
In the Center there are also displayed some of the showcases of the spectacular “Urania Exhibition”, a collection of over 22.000 arthropods from all over the world. The Center owns a rich specialistic library and a collection of mites and insects of dermatological interest preserved in glass slides and liquid.
This Center realized Alistag™ an innovative food grade coat agent to protect aged ham and cheese from external agents (mites, psocoptera and so on).